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Резюме инженеров, разработчиков, проектировщиков в сфере электроники
Резюме программистов баз данных, разработчиков баз данных
Резюме программистов PHP, PHP-разработчиков
Резюме программистов C#
Резюме программистов C++ Builder
Резюме программистов ASP, ASP.NET, разработчиков ASP, ASP.NET
Резюме программистов .NET, разработчиков .NET
Резюме веб-программистов, web-разработчиков
Резюме по продвижению сайта, раскрутке сайта
Резюме оптимизаторов под поисковые системы, SEO-специалистов
Резюме администраторов сайта, раздела
Резюме HTML-кодеров

Должность: Программист
Резюме размещено: 2011-02-28
Опыт по специальности: 4
Возраст: 38 лет
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской
Знание иностранного языка: Английский, Русский
Заработная плата: 1000$

Контактная информация соискателя:

Имя: Тхакур Арбин Кумар
Телефон: +7 916 8524726
E-mail: 2004arina@mail.ru

Подробная информация о поиске работы:

Arbin Kumar Thakur
Sex: M, Age: 36 yrs, Married.
E-mail: arbin.thakur@ncell.com.np
Contact Tel (KTM-mob): 980-2100149, 01-4462374

(Selected by HMG/Ministry of Education-Nepal to study full engineering course (Session-1997) in Russia in Scholarship Scheme)
• Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd, Russia.
Graduation date: June 2004 A.D.
Years of study: 2 years after B.E. (4+2)
Specialization: Computer Engineering (Information Technology)
Overall Grade: Good (4.00 out of 5.00): (79%-First Div.)
Research Thesis: Automation of activity of Bank Structures with the use of network technologies.--[Excellent]
• Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd, Russia.
Graduation date: June 2002 A.D.
Years of study: 4 years after 12th class(I.Sc.+4)
Specialization: Computer Engineering (Information Technology)
Overall Grade: Excellent(5.00 out of 5.00): (89%-Distinction)
Research Thesis: Automation of activity of Bank Structures with the use of network technologies.--[Excellent]
• Bachelor in Science (phy.)
Trivuwan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
Graduation date: June 1996 A.D.
Years of study: 2 years after 12th class(I.Sc.+2)
Specialization: Science (Physics and Maths)
Overall Grade: Second Div. (45.4%)
 Intermediate in Science (+2)
MMC Biratnagar, Nepal
Graduation date: June 1993 A.D.
Years of study: 2 years after 10th class (10+2)
Specialization: Science (Physics and Maths)
Overall Grade: First Div. (65.4%)
 SLC (10th class)
JKMV Siraha, Nepal
Passed in: 2045 B.S.
Years of study: 10 years
Overall Grade: First Div. (62.3%)
• Senior Engineer –Team Head (BI-ICT): Ncell Pvt. Ltd. (Ncell)
Work period: continue. Salary — 36000rps/month
 Platforms- Oracle 10g, PHP, ASP.
 Maintains and controls “Business Intelligence” and Reporting data loading and processing.
 Takes a leadership on preparing and delivering daily, monthly and specific billing reports for all departments.
 Leads for preparing and delivering on-demand reports by request of other departments.
 Responds to requests concerning “Business Intelligence” and Reporting.
 Optimizes (and suggests team members to optimize and/or developing) reporting scripts for better efficiency.
 Administrates software products of the BI and Reporting system and other software products related to these systems.
 Manages the reporting structure, workflows and architecture for better performance of reporting team.
 Installs and tests performance of new software products. Update software products timely.
 Writes down in the "Log of activities" all information about: any activities related with database/BI and Reporting systems configuration, any other activity implies a change in work capability of services and the Reporting system in whole.
 Performing any other reasonable duty assigned by management.
 Be part of planning for good IT architecture within Reporting area
 Preparation of reports (Development and Back-end SQL/ORACLE queries) in ORACLE
What have done:
 SNPL web site (http://spicenepal.com) maintenance, update and troubleshooting
 SNPL Intranet Web Portal development, maintenance, update and troubleshooting.
 ITHelpdesk Software development, maintenance and troubleshooting.
 Asset Management Software (http://intranet.snpl.net.np ) maintenance, update and troubleshooting
 Attendance Report Software (http://intranet.snpl.net.np/attend) maintenance, update and troubleshooting
 Analysis and preparation of Software Requirement Specification.
[ITHelpdesk, SNPL Intranet, Asset Management Software (Intranet solution in PHP, Mysql), Attendance Report Software for SNPL Staffs (PHP, MSSQL) are solely designed and programmed by me].

• System Engineer: Nepal Redcross Soceity, District branch, Siraha, Nepal
Work period: 2 years. Salary — n/a
 Worked in completion of a project in ORACLE;
 ORACLE database administration ;
 System admininstration ;
 Reason for leaving — Completion of Project.
• Programmer: Vizon Pvt. Ltd. Moscow, Russia
Work period: 2-3 years. Salary — 700$/month
 Web site design, programming (ASP, PHP, CSS, HTML) and maintenance of http://www.vizon.ru ;
 Company data input, output for site vizon.ru;
 MYSQL Database administration;
 LAN administration;
 Timely modification of site, if needed ;
 Advertisement of site vizon.ru in russian internet search engines and online notice boards.
 Reason for leaving — Location Restablishment.
• IT-speciliast (DB administrator): MedTechZdorovie Pvt. Ltd. Moscow, Russia
Work period: 2 years. Salary — 500$/month
 Client-server based database program <<FolioWinscklad network version 7E>> : DB administration, I/O of data, Data reservation, Reports, etc ;
 Construction of LAN for office network uses ;
 Designing and ASP programming the sites of company.
http://www.medtechzdorovie.ru, http://www.futureelectronics.ru (the contents of these sites may be changed);
 Internet works and email checking ;
 Office programms using : Word, Excel, etc;
 Other computer related works as needed.
 Reason for leaving — Salary Expectation.
• System Engineer: Vision Pvt. Ltd. Volgograd, Russia
Work period: 2 years. Salary — 300$/month
 Use of SQL server ;
 Database MS Visual Foxpro programming : develop a file-based database application to store data of textile materials;
 MS Front page and other designing:
Designed animated web sites using ASP, HTML, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, MS ACCESS.
 Reason for leaving — Collapse of company
Professional Skills:
• Ability to understand New Software, Management Tools, Operation Systems.
• SAP Knowledge:
• Installation (Installation of SAP in windows 2003 server),
• SAP modules (Financial & Human Resource),
• ABAP Programming.
• Programming languages: PHP, ASP.Net, MS Visual FoxPro, C#, MS Visual Basic, ASP, Visual C++, HTML, Vbscript
• Database: ORACLE, MySQL, MSSQL Server, MySQL Administration (Phpmyadmin),
• Networking: Client-server Application with VB, Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape Navigator 4.0+.
• Localhost Server: Apache, Internet Information Services (IIS), Personal Web Server (PWS).
• Operating Systems: Sun Solaris v 5.10., MS windows 95/98/00/NT/XP, office95/07/00, Word, Excel, Assembler, Microprocessors.
• Graphics and Designing: MS Flash 4.0+, Adobe Photoshop 5.0+, Corel Draw, IDEF0-designing, Business-Process Structuring, Modeling, Use-case knowledge, algorithms and coding.
• Other Essential Programs: 1C: commercial and accounting, Client-server and File-based architectural Applications, n-tier architectural applications with VB, Network Database, Network Administration. Folio WinSklad-Client Server Version.
• System Security and Network Database Security: SSL, IntelPro, Encryption (RSA, DES).
• Web solution packages/Open Source / CMS: Oscommerce, Joomla.

1. MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer). Transcript ID = 882383. Access Code = akt2010mcpd
• 70-536 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation (Score: 861)
• 70-528 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Web-based Client Development (Score: 785)
• 70-547 Design and Develop Web-based Applications by using MS.NET Framework (Score: 1000)

2. CBOSS RepDev (Good), CBOSS DSS (Excellent), CBOSS Database Structure (Good).

3. 70-630(5061) Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Participated in:
• SAP Training (basic) provided by SNPL.
• Project Management Training provided by Ncell Academy.
• BI and other BSS trainings provided by Ncell.

• English (Excellent confidence), Russian (Near to Excellent confidence), Nepali (Excellent confidence),
• Hindi, Maithili (Excellent confidence)