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Резюме поиска работы программистов

Должность: Telecommunications
Резюме размещено: 2005-03-25
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской

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Подробная информация о поиске работы:


Hardware and Software developer need partners for promote products and new developments for CTI and IP-telephony.
I have successfully marketed projects for Russian companies by contract basis,
and now I plan to organize command of developers.
I can guarantee high quality and real periods of the developments under moderate cost.


Languages: C/C++ [C++ Builder], asm 8080, asm ADSP-21xx.
OS: DOS, Windows 9x/2k/NT/XP, Linux.
CAD systems: P-CAD.
Protocols: TCP/IP, CSS7, EDSS1, R2, SIP, H.323, MEGACO/H.248, RTP/RTCP.
Processors: ADSP-21xx, AMD186, 8048/51 series.

MARKETED PROJECTS for other companys:

CSS7 and EDSS1 converters.
VoIP gateway.


C/C++ source codes for protocols CSS7, EDSS1, TCP/IP, RTP/RTCP, H.323.
VoIP gateway E1 <-> IP (schemes and software).
Checked on compatibility with Cisco gateway.