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Должность: Visual C++, PHP программирование БД
Резюме размещено: 2003-01-02
Опыт по специальности: более 5 лет
Возраст: 29 лет
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской
Знание иностранного языка: Англиский
Заработная плата: не менее 400 USD/месяц или оплата за заказ

Контактная информация соискателя:

Имя: Нечаев Евгений Викторович
Телефон: +380674838853

Подробная информация о поиске работы:

Personal Details:

Eugene Nechaev

Date of Birth : 22 March 1973
Nationality : Russian
Tel.mob : +38067-4838853
E-mail :

Miasoedovskaja st. 25 #13

IT Experience
Business sectors:
Software development, Computer reseller, Realty agency, Maritime Agency
Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows 3.11, FreeBSD
Development Environments:
MS Visual Studio 5.0-6.0, Visual Basic 5.0, Borland Delphi 1.0-3.0,
Dreamweaver 3.0, MS Access 97/2000, MS C 5.0-7.0
Programmer's Languages:
C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, HTML, SQL, JScript
SQL Server 7 & 6.5, Interbase 5, MS Access 97/2000, MySQL
ActiveX , OO
Relational Database Design
BrainBench "High IT aptitude", "C++ programmer" (
Russian, English

Brief Summary:
During my career, I worked in the following Business sectors: Software development, Computer reseller,
Realty agency, Maritime Agency. I gained experience in various areas such as team leading,
development, database design with full exposure to all phases of the Life-Cycle development process.
Programming is not only my like job but hobby and I find much time for self-teaching and looking into new
I am a high-motivated person, I able to see problem on the whole, however, I also have a good eye for the
details. I am able to fit into any type of working environment.
I am ready for long business trip if it will necessary.

Work Experience

June 2002 to Present: "QuickRiver" programmers studio
Position: Web Developer
This is telework via Internet. My own last complex project is (HTML+CSS +
Jscript+PHP+MySQL). I have 5-month experience of Project Management with teams of 4 and 6

October 2001 to Present: Company "Luxor"
Position: Developer, Systems analyst/ administrator (Internet, IT Consultant, development of special
Company "Luxor" is trading company with great Ukrainian reseller network.
My role and responsibilities included
- As system administrator: LAN contained 19 workstations based on windows 95/95 plus one Windows
NT server with terminal server software.
- As web-programmer and web-administrator: we have web site based on
PHP+MySQL with dynamic-created pages, used Jscript and CSS. I develop additional functionality
and corrected some errors.
- As software developer: Designed and created Database for statistic and stock-taking. Used MS
Access and VBA and Remote Database access based on SQL.
- As Software tester/ developer : Find and correct some errors in old version of web site of "Luxor" and
old version of MS Access and VBA application.

April 1998 to October 2001: Maritime agency "Interpromservice"
Position: Systems analyst/ administrator (Internet, IT Consultant, development of special application)
MA "Interpromservice' is a representative of survey company "Inspectorate", SUSSE in Ukraine.
My role and responsibilities included
- Building a Business Case for the Directors of the Company for the introduction of Internet/Intranet
solution to the agency as a means of communication between subsidiaries and Head Office. After the
Business Case was signed, I was leading a team of network engineers to produce logical/physical
design of Local Area Network(LAN) and implementation of the Internet/Intranet solution.
Subsequently, I became a Systems Administrator responsible for he daily running of the Internet
server, network and PCs workability.
- Web site has designed and developed, but it was not alive long for
"political" grounds.
The following solution was selected as a base platform for the Internet mail server: FreeBSD 3.2 and LAN
was created using Windows 95/98 as client-end system and FreeBSD as file-server.

January 1996 to April 1998: Maritime agency "Interpromservice"
Position: Maritime surveyor (Draft survey, Cargo and hold survey).
Working in the survey department my main roles and achievements can be summarised as follows:
- Communication
I gained experience of communication with Masters of different vessels in hard conflict situations,
which rose, from my insistence of the highest quality possible for the job done.
- Decision -making
I was made responsible making the decision about the readiness of a vessel to start loading cargo
without a danger of losing cargo quality.
- IT Consultancy – my other responsibilities included general IT consultations, and implementing small
scale projects using C/C++ and Excel

July 94 – December 95 Realty agency "Center", Odessa, Ukraine
Position: Team Leader/Developer
RA "Centre" has developed and implemented first in Odessa DBMS with full information about city's
realty. The technical solution selected was FreeBSD/MySQL server and client-end was based on Windows
95/Delphi 3.0 and Windows95/MS Visual C++ 5.0
- Team Leading
I was assigned to lead a small team of developers (5) during all phases of the project. I was
responsible and exercise full control of each phase of project
- Database design
I was in charge of architecture of relational database.
- Implementation of Three-tier architecture design
Providing a technical lead on the project, my aim was to insure full implementation of 3tier
- Managing 2nd and 3rd level support

August 92 – June 94 "Antei-XX", Odessa, Ukraine
Position: Programmer
I was responsible for the design and implementation of Data Processing System for Private Business
Company. The System implemented full cycle of the data processing required by the Private Business:
storing, reporting, and performing statistical analysis. The System was based on DBF file format and C
program modules with special C library Codebase ver 5.0, incorporated Excel spreadsheets.
- 2nd and 3rd level support of the existing systems
- C & Basic programming.
- Design and Implementation of Statistical analysis routines and Staff accounting.

1988-1990 School #100, Odessa, Ukraine
Selective school with in-depth study of Mathematics and Computing
1990-1995 Odessa State University, Applied mathematics Dept.
M Sc (Mathematics)


Yuri Prudius, Director
"Citek" company
tel. +38 0482 429092

Yuri Bebia, Director.
MA "Interpromservice"
+38 067 4842512

Artur Klishchevskyy, Director
"Frutarom Ukraine"
+38 044 239-9008

Ilya Gershberg, Manager
"Quickriver" programmer's studio