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Должность: Геофизик-оператор
Резюме размещено: 2007-05-08
Опыт по специальности: 16 лет
Возраст: 40 лет
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской
Знание иностранного языка: Английский
Заработная плата: 3000$

Контактная информация соискателя:

Имя: Карпенко Алексей Николаевич
Телефон: +79280392300
E-mail: Karpenko_alexey@mail.ru

Подробная информация о поиске работы:

My name is Alexey Karpenko. I am from the town Gelendzhik of Krasnodar territory. I was born on June 3rd, 1966 in Ukraine in the Kiev area.
Since 1984 till 1986 I served in army as the radiotelegraph operator.
I graduated from the Kiev state university Geological faculty in 1990. My speciality is the Engineer – geophysicist. Since then I have worked on various posts in the company Yuzhmorgeologiya.
Since 1990 - till 1992 I worked at the Data computing center as a processing engineer of multichannel seismic data CDP . I worked with the program complex GEOSPAIS, processing packages SDS-2, SDS-3 on computers of a series of EC and Minsk-32.
In 1994 I took part in engineering-seismic works under the contract with the British gas company in sea of Marmara onboard r/v Jantar. I was the observer of 48-channel seismoacoustic system Neva-48.
In 1995 I took part in ecological works for Interoceanmetal Joint Organization in Pacific ocean near to the Mexican coast onboard R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya. I worked as the observer of the seismoacoustic & underwater navigation equipment at that time. We worked with the destorber and boxcorer for imitation of extraction iron-manganous concretions.
Then I took part in the work of searching for Japanese SecondWorldWar sub¬marine I-52 under the contract with Meridian Sciences(USA). This submarine had sunk in 1944 in Athlantic ocean with 2 tons of gold onboard.
In 1996 I took part in contract works for NOAA (USA) to Antarctica onboard R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya, In Antarctica we were engaged in research of Antarctic crill - the basic food of whales and ecological works.
Since 1999 I took part in the state contracts on geological survey of the Russian sector of the Black, Caspian and Azov seas.
Sometimes I had to substitute for a hydrographer - navigator and to work with equipment GPS Trimble with program complex Hydra Pro.
In 2000 and 2001 I took part in contract works for Open Company "Lukoil " and "Kalmneft" on Caspian sea. It were engineering-geophysical works on installation of drill plat¬forms and construction of pipelines on Caspian sea.
Then I took part in works on ecological monitoring the Black Sea coast and inspection of the Blue Stream gas pipe-line by MAK-1 deep-water side-scan sonar system onboard R/V Gelendzhik.
Since 2001- till now I am the Chief of seismoacoustic group / side scan sonar, 1 ch seismoacoustic/ Yuzhmorgeologya company /R/V “Impuls”, R/V “Jantar”.
In summer 2004 I have passed additional training in Kuban State University (Krasnodar): Course for New Methods of Geophisical Data Research and Interpretation.
I have a wide experience of work with various types of the seismic, seismoacoustic and navigation equipment: sparker, boomer – sources, Intromarin L2 Recording System, Progress Recording System, MTK-1 Recording System (seismoacoustic and Side Scan Sonar system), MAK-1 deep-water complex side-scan sonar system, C-Max Side Scan Sonar system, echosounders, Trimble GPS equipment etc.
I know all of Windows operation systems and networks at a level of the system ad¬ministrator, I installed and adjusted operational systems on computers of a department, carried out assembly and repair of the personal computers and seismic equipment. Besides I have worked as a system administrator of the department for a long time. I have got extensive knowledge in MS office programs, the Photoshop, CorelDraw, MapInfo, Soft for processing of geophysics SONAR2000, Seismic Unix, Surfer, MSP Soft, navigating program Hydro Pro.
I am easily trained in any programs, I am not afraid of difficulties