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Должность: Linux, kernel
Резюме размещено: 2007-06-13
Опыт по специальности: 3
Возраст: 27 лет
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской
Знание иностранного языка: English
Заработная плата: 1000

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Имя: Tretyakov Roman
Телефон: +79218728034

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Summary :
I'm a embedded software engeneer in C,C++ and assembler languages
Areas of expertise:
1)software development in C for Linux OS (2.6 kernel), ARM9 (Intel XScale) processor
2) software development in C and assembler for DSPs (TMS 320C2000, other microcontrollers)
3) Symbian OS 8.0 projects development using C++ (for Nokia Series60)

Expererience :
Nov 2005 – present time Reseach and Development Center Protei
Software Engeneer (NGN sector)
1) Kernel development for Embedded Linux 2.6 for
ARM (Intel Xscale, ixp4xx) processor platform:
device drivers programming, kernel patching,
working with IXP4xx Peripherials (DMAC, Cache, Timers), PCI bus, Expansion bus. Some kernel subsystems mostly working with are:
networking, interrupts, timing, memory, kernel synchronization, i/o, mtd, block devices, ect
Some released projects are:
- Network drivers for modem boards( E1, SHDSL),
- Block drivers for IDE HDD,
- Mtd-device driver (DMA access for NAND flash),
2) some Apps (network, configurating),SNMP (agent-modules,MIB)
Using :(montavista prevkit cross-tools), make, shell (simple scripts), CVS, working with Bug Tracking System, Task Manager, Feature Request Management, ect

June 2004 – August 2005 New Electro jsc
(Department of research and developmental works)
Software Engeneer
1) embedded software development in C and assembler for TMS320C2000 DSPs
(Digital Motor Control Sysytems, Power Converters)
Using IDE : Code Composer Studio 2.0
2) developing Win32 Applications with Serial Communication Supports
Using IDEs : Visual C++ 6.0