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Поиск работы. Резюме: ищу вакансию Java, C, XML

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Резюме поиска работы программистов

Ищу работу по вакансии: Java, C, XML
Резюме размещено: 2003-03-10
Опыт по специальности: 25
Возраст: 48 лет
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской

Контактная информация ищущего работу:

Ф.И.О.: Anatoli Sazanovich
E-mail: as@mail.grodno.by
URL: http://www.as.grodno.by

Подробная информация о поиске работы:


Anatoli Sazanovich

Personal information Date of birth:
Citizenship: Republic of Belarus

Primary Position:
Team Lead
Secondary Position:

Availability (weeks):

Current Salary:

Brainbench Transcript ID:

Education mm.yyyy – mm.yyyy Educational institutions & Degrees
09.1970-06.1972 Physicotechnical school at Moskovsk physicotechnical institute
07.1971-08.1972 Summer physical and mathematical school at Moskovsk state University
09.1972-06.1977 The Belarus state university. Faculty of mathematics and theoretical mechanics
Qualifications mm.yyyy – Certificates / Awards / Accomplishments / Courses
07.1977 - The mathematician

Work experience yyyy - yyyy Company / Organization / Projects / Position / Responsibilities / Number of subordinates (if the person was a manager)
(The description of work experience must be in the reversed order: from the latest projects/employers at first to the oldest ones at the end.)
1990-2003 - Society with the additional responsibility "Algorithm"/ Billing systems/ The head of projects/ 5 person
1981-1990 - Department of the automated control system of the enterprise / Factory of automobile radio tape recorders (city of Grodno)/ The chief of sector of system programming/ 9 person
1978-1981 - Department of the automated control system of the enterprise / Factory of automobile radio tape recorders (city of Grodno) / The system programmer
1977-1978 - Scientific research institute of means of automation (city of Minsk)/ The engineer – mathematician.

Experience in:
IT sector (years) 25
Technical Writing (pages written)

English Writing (pages written)

Working with Foreign Customers (months)

Working Abroad (months)

Please enter accordant number (1-7) to show the level of the skill. Description of the skills levels:
NO entry if has only heard that such a thing exists
1 - has read its documentation or books on it, but having no practice
2 - university or training course, self-education including training projects
3 - novice - less then 1/2-year work experience
4 - intermediate - 1/2 to 2 years work experience
5 - proficient - 2 to 4 years work experience
6 - expert - more than 4 years work experience
7 - expert and experience in leading/training teams
 OS & Progr. Lang. Last time used:

Operating Systems:
MS Windows 9x 6 12.2000
MS Windows NT

MS Windows 2000 4 02.2003
MS Windows XP 4 02.2003
Unix -

Sun Solaris -

*BSD -

Linux 4 02.2003
Programming Languages:
C 7 02.2003
C++ 7 02.2003
Java 6 02.2003
Perl -

VB Script -

VisualBasic -

 Mainframe Last time used:

OS 360/370 Sys Admin 7 09.1990
OS 360/370 User 7 09.1990
OS 390 Sys Admin

OS 390 User -

CICS administration
CICS application development -

CICS usage -

DB2 administration 7 02.2003
DB2 application development 7 02.2003
DB2 Interactive Tools usage 6 02.2003
DB2 SQL 7 02.2003


ADABAS 1 02.1987
MQ Series -

BEA Tuxedo -

TSO 5 05.1985


VSAM 5 09.1990
ChangeMan -

FileAID -

JCL 6 09.1990
COBOL 7 09.1990
COBOL with DB2 4 09.1990

Assembler - system programming 7 02.2003
Assembler - application programming 7 02.2003
C (on Mainframe) 7 02.2003
C++ (on Mainframe) 7 02.2003

PL/1 5 09.1994
FORTRAN 2 05.1977
Natural 3 02.1987
Description of the English knowledge levels:
Utterly poor - has some skills in the definite sphere;
Poor - using dictionary can explain/understand all basic ideas;
Fair - although sometimes with mistakes, but basically fully clearly can explain/understand all basic ideas;
Good - without substantial mistakes can explain/understand all ideas;
Excellent - fluently operates in the definite sphere and exists necessity to improve only such things as feeling of style, richness of language and the like.
English: Read fair
English: Write poor
English: Verbal poor

Test Score

Willing to travel? No
Maximum business trip duration: 3 months
Do you have international passport? Yes
Comments, constraints:

Salary requirements
Starting salary during probation period:
? per month after taxes
Permanent salary: ? per month after taxes

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