VB6, C++, VBA

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Должность: VB6, C++, VBA
Резюме размещено: 2003-06-09
Опыт по специальности: >5
Возраст: 41 год
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской
Знание иностранного языка: английский - свободно; немецкий - читаю/пишу
Заработная плата: $1000

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Имя: Алексеев Сергей
E-mail: sergeialexeev@mail.ru

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Mr. Sergei Alekseev

GSM number (7)-903-719-3770
e-mail address: sergeialexeev@mail.ru

Position as Programmer on VB6, C++, VBA.
Designer of Data Bases: Ms SQL Server 7, Ms SQL Server2000, Access.

Russian citizen, born 1962, resident of Moscow.
Two high education degrees. Fluent in English, German: can read and write commercial correspondence.
MCP Grade : Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.


 Experience in development of n-tier and Client-Server applications;
 Experience in Object-oriented programming;
 Experience in developing of COM objects, working with interfaces and co-classes using VB6;
 Knowledge of and experience in IDL files, standard data types of COM model;
 Experience in developing of applications with access to databases using ADO model, working with Ms SQL Server2000, Ms SQL Server7, Access;
 Programming languages: VB6, VBA, Ms SQL ;
 Experience in developing of COM objects using VC and ATL3;
 Experience in C++ (Borland 5.02), C++Builder4;
 Experience of working with VSS, Clear Quest;
 Development under Windows 2000, 98/95, Linux platforms, working with SQL server AS-400, using ActiveX, COM, DCOM, ODBC, OLE, RDO, DAO, MTS;
 Knowledge of FTP protocol;
 Use of combined skills in programming / reinsurance for development of applications;

Working experience

01/03/2003 – 31/05/2003
Software developer in “EGAR Technology” company (USA).
Working among big command of developers on enhancing of application (Risk Management System), which due to be supplied to “Sberbank” of Russian Federation. Development of COM objects (VB6, had experience of programming in VC and ATL3). Development of GUI. Working with transport protocols based on RPC. Working with other developers on business functionality of application.

1997 – 2003
Software Engineer / Department Manager, reinsurance company (Russian Re).

Development and maintaining of several applications for reinsurance:
 Calculation of technical result of reinsurance portfolio: VBA, Ms SQL, ODBC (connection with AS-400), Access;
 Calculation of underwriting result, statistics information: VB6, Ms SQL Server 7. N-tier application, development of Data Warehouse and users interface;
 Program for green cards distributions (insurance and accounting parts): C++Builder 4, Access;
 Program for quotation of nonproportional treaties: VB6;
 Other applications using above mentioned technologies.

From 1984 to 1996
Engineer, research Institute, Moscow.
Exploitation of radio - electronic systems, design of real - time computer systems.

Educational Background

1. August 1984
Technical institute
High education degree,
qualified as electromechanical engineer
and interpreter
2. June 2002
Moscow Engineering - Physics institute
High education degree,
qualified as programmer and computer hardware engineer