C++Builder, Delphi, Visual C++,

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Должность: C++Builder, Delphi, Visual C++,
Резюме размещено: 2002-03-07
Опыт по специальности: C++Builder 5 лет, Delphi 4 года, Visual C++ 2 года
Возраст: 24 годa
Образование: высшее
Пол: мужской
Знание иностранного языка: Английский,
Заработная плата: >300$

Контактная информация соискателя:

Имя: Раца Евгений
Телефон: +38640571745
E-mail: eugen.rata@perftech.si

Подробная информация о поиске работы:

Eugen Raţă
Republic Moldova, Kishinev City, 26/3 Miron Costin street, ap.78
E-mail: eugen_rusu@hotmail.com.
Home phone: (0422) – 003739121731
Work phone: (0422) - 0038640571745

An excellent position in the programs projects and development, where a four years experience in programming and the extensive experience in software engineering with the help of language C++, would be necessary. He has passed the exam Brainbench on the specialty C and C++ programmer.

Operating systems:
Windows 2000 (0.5 year), Windows NT (2 years), Windows 9x (2.5 years), MS Windows 3.1 (1.5 years), MS DOS (2 years)

The programming languages and libraries:
C/C++ (5 years), MS Visual C++ (2 years), MFC (2 years), Borland C++ (3 years), C++Builder (4 years), Delphi (5 years), HTML (2 years), JavaScript (2 years), Perl (0.5 year).

Databases and database access libraries:
SQL (2 years), ODBC (1 year), MS SQL Server 7/2000 (2 years), MS Access (0.5 years)

Programming technologies:
Win 16 API (1.5 years), Win 32 API (2 years), client-server (2.5 years), multithreaded programming (2 years).

The status – Manager of the Technical Designing (September 1998 till August 1999)
New highly-effective drive with a nice platform for TBS (Win32, UML, C/C++, Visual C++, Win32 API/MFC, multithreaded programming, TCP/IP, sockets, SQL). As a result of the realization of the project the system was increased from 5 transactions/second up to 50 transactions/second.
- Developed the projective architecture of the project;
- Developed and realized various parts of the library of the project of a crossed platform (use of streams), subsystems of communication (connection), subsystem of administration of the rights of the consumer.
The status – Programs analyst (July 1997 - September 1998)
Worked as the chief programmer of the development of the project of the company – program interface for realization of computer testing of automobiles (Visual C++, MS Windows 3.11/Windows 95, Win32 API, MS Access).
- Developed the projective architecture of the project;
- Has developed and realized library of classes C++, which is the base of the project.
Possibilities of the created system: the system is intended for computer testing of cars, and also represented extensive basis for majority of details of foreign automobiles. The project was completed in time.
- Developed design architecture of the project;
- Developed and realized custom-made algorithm for fast search in a database.

Kishinev, Technical University of Moldova, 1995-2000, faculty of Automatics.
Writing date: June 15, 2001